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About Dr. Howell

Dr. Howell graduated from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in 2008 with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.).  He completed the Hypnosis Certificate program and received his Master's of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Adler in 2004.  He is currently the Director of Practicum Training and a core faculty member at the Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Tampa. He was a member of the adjunct faculty at Truman College from January 2005 - May 2011 and has been an adjunct professor at Adler since May 2010.  He completed his undergraduate education at Austin College in 2000 (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology).

Dr. Howell served as the Clinical Director at Associates in Behavioral Science, where he oversaw all clinical training and day-to-day operations of the practice for five years.  He has spent more than a decade advocating for LGBTQ rights and serving the community on various boards and volunteering his time to give back to the community.

  • Dr. Howell is the President and President-Elect for the Bay Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association. He is also the current Diversity Chair of the Florida Psychological Association.

  • Dr. Howell is the Co/Associate Programming Chair for APA Division 29.

  • Dr. Howell has been Chair of the APA Division 44 Mentoring Committee since 2013, after serving as Suite Coordinator for the Orlando Convention and Programming Chair for the Hawaii Convention.  He is also the Division 44 Fundraising Coordinator.

  • Dr. Howell was appointed, in October 2013, by the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners to serve on the Hillsborough County Diversity Advisory Council as one of the two LGBT representatives.

  • Dr. Howell is on the GLBT Advisory Board for Metro Wellness Center in Ybor.

  • Dr. Howell is a Past-President of the Adler Alumni Association Board.

  • Dr. Howell served two consecutive, elected terms as Chair of the Illinois Psychological Association's Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Section.

  • Dr. Howell is on the Diversity Committee for the Florida Psychological Association.